Alumni Spotlight

"I am sending this email to share some good news about a former AHS student, Evan Davis (AHS 2006). In January 2018, Evan was awarded a PhD in Physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  As Evan’s parents, my husband and I are proud of this accomplishment, and we think it will make AHS proud too.  Please forward this information to the teaching staff as you deem appropriate. I know it will make many hearts smile!
We are extremely grateful to the AHS teachers for providing Evan's firm educational foundation. We are especially thankful for the teachers involved in the Advanced Placement classes, the (former) TIERRA program, and the Envirothon program. We hope this news reminds the AHS teachers that their efforts truly make a difference in their student’s lives, and encourages them keep up the good work of inspiring their current students.
 Evan and AHS Principal Hansen (2006)                           Evan at his thesis defense (2018)*
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* Note: There was a second AHS student in attendance at Evan's presentation. John Paul Issa (also AHS 2006), attended and took this picture.  John Paul lives in Boston and was awarded a PhD in Chemistry from Tufts University in 2017. He is another example of the powerful influence of the AHS teaching staff!
If anyone is interested in a basic overview of Evan’s area of study (plasma physics / fusion power / tokamak reactors), please see the following links:
·         Evan's one page essay for the layperson -
·         Two minute video overview of the D-IIID tokamak where Evan conducted most of his research -
·         A little more info on the D-IIID tokamak -
·         And some info on MIT’s Plasma Science & Fusion Center (PSFC) -
Evan is currently an MIT Postdoctoral Associate and is continuing his research in San Diego.  Also, many teachers may remember Evan’s brother, Cory Davis (AHS 2010).  AHS AP courses and Envirothon were also instumental in Cory’s educational growth.  Cory received a BS in Environmental Science from UCR in 2014 and is employed at Leidos as a geologist for ground water contamination monitoring at various oil well locations in Southern California.  We are proud of both of them!
Brothers & friends - Cory (AHS 2010) and Evan (AHS 2006)
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With warm regards,
Mike & Kathy Davis (AHS Alumni Parents)