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Mrs. Rosa

Lindsey Rosa

  My name is Lindsey Rosa. I have been in education for sixteen years. I spent my first four years as a Science, Health and AVID   teacher. Then I spend six years as an Activities Director. This is my sixth year as an administrator.

My greatest strength as an educator is my love for students and the need to make school a place where they feel safe and secure in an environment where learning can be optimal, and staff members feel valued. I believe in traditions and celebrations, a sense of community, family and team. I truly believe that a school’s performance will never improve until the school culture is one where all feel valued, safe and share the goal of continued academic improvement.

A message from Mrs. Rosa:
"I challenge each Arlington student to get involved! Statistics show that when students are connected to school, they are going to perform well academically, have better attendance, and will have a positive high school experience. The benefits of students being involved in extra-curricular activities is far reaching. Whether it be in a school activity or involvement in our community, it is an excellent decision to make. Keeping students busy outside of their regular school hours is important and will benefit them in their future endeavors."